Welcome to my website. So glad you found your way here. Let me briefly introduce myself: The name’s Samuel Rubadiri. I was born and raised in Gaborone, Botswana (a beautiful and peaceful country located in southern Africa). However, as life so often has it, I have wandered abroad into Scotland, where I currently study.

Formalities aside, you can consider this webpage an online anthology of everything I write (that is worth being shared), mainly poetry in various forms such a free verse and lyric. But that is not all. I don’t like to limit myself to a particular niche. Experimenting is equally important to the creative process. So you will also find some short stories, essays, life writing and whatever else I jot down.

Writing, for me, comes out of a place of excessive thinking. There is a universe within ourselves beside the world we reside in. So why not put it to pen and smear a couple pages with some introspection.

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.

Susan Sonntag

Each week, I’ll be posting here, thus building an oeuvre – as they call it. So don’t hop off all too soon. You might just miss a gem 😉

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