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The Ring Parable

By Gottfried Ephraim Lessing (1779) A long time ago, there lived a man from the East who owned a ring of unimaginable value. The stone was an opal that refracted hundreds of beautiful colours and had a secret power to make the bearer adored by God and mankind. It is no wonder then that theContinue reading “The Ring Parable”

Final Departure

Dedicated to nana in memory of her late brother Patrick Had I not gone home, I wouldn’t have seen you, But that I’ve left home, I won’t ever see you. That summer was your last, This winter took your breath, And where you’ve gone, I cannot visit, lest I, too, lose my breath. It’s crazyContinue reading “Final Departure”

In memory of X.

I remember how you’d lock me in your closet Spraying deodorant if I disturbed you during prep* Now I am disturbed by the locked closet Coated in the scent of the chaplain’s incense Boys in white carry you to the burial site My sight, however, cannot overlook the smirk you had when you called meContinue reading “In memory of X.”

Intro: Dream Chaser

We were born into this world unequal, And although some might have more, We all have dreams. Dreams allow us to overcome, These inequalities, So we should always remain faithful to them. But this isn’t easy Easy is giving up (instrumental break) Giving up your dreams unto the night, Sleeping on your promise like itContinue reading “Intro: Dream Chaser”

Freedom to Breath

Check out the pace of the plague. Insane! Cough, cough, people drop like black lives ’round blue lights in broad daylight. I wonder why – God – “I can’t breathe.” The pain, the pain, must cease. Police please! I protest peacefully. Silly me. I must die slowly for the world to notice me. I wonderContinue reading “Freedom to Breath”


I spend hours waiting, waiting for the sun, for the vessel upon the horizon. But my view is blocked by a curtain, this star-lit sky, its melody, the hum of the ocean, saying, “recede, recede on that crescent promise.”   Precious time, she passes with the waves, enticing my feet, tickling the rocks. We giggle,Continue reading “Departure”

The Eurafrican

She sounds like Africa From the beating of her beads along her braids To the rattle of hoops and bangles worn And intonation of words as they flutter as a dole of doves.   But she was raised in Europe With the nuance of talk and distance she keeps; Sun rejected by her umbrella, sheContinue reading “The Eurafrican”


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