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Intro: Dream Chaser

We were born into this world unequal, And although some might have more, We all have dreams. Dreams allow us to overcome, These inequalities, So we should always remain faithful to them. But this isn’t easy Easy is giving up (instrumental break) Giving up your dreams unto the night, Sleeping on your promise like itContinue reading “Intro: Dream Chaser”

Freedom to Breath

Check out the pace of the plague. Insane! Cough, cough, people drop like black lives ’round blue lights in broad daylight. I wonder why – God – “I can’t breathe.” The pain, the pain, must cease. Police please! I protest peacefully. Silly me. I must die slowly for the world to notice me. I wonderContinue reading “Freedom to Breath”


I spend hours waiting, waiting for the sun, for the vessel upon the horizon. But my view is blocked by a curtain, this star-lit sky, its melody, the hum of the ocean, saying, “recede, recede on that crescent promise.”   Precious time, she passes with the waves, enticing my feet, tickling the rocks. We giggle,Continue reading “Departure”

The Eurafrican

She sounds like Africa From the beating of her beads along her braids To the rattle of hoops and bangles worn And intonation of words as they flutter as a dole of doves.   But she was raised in Europe With the nuance of talk and distance she keeps; Sun rejected by her umbrella, sheContinue reading “The Eurafrican”

Beyond Black

“The world is not white. It never was white. It cannot be white. White is a metaphor for power.” – James Baldwin   We were made to be black. We were made to be Black nigger kaffirs. We were born into these names From colonial slavers.   Bondage was imprinted On our tongue as theirContinue reading “Beyond Black”


“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven” – John Milton –   Descent. It means being down on your luck, Down in your hell, deep sea-diving into your doubts. It’s daunting – a new kind of despondent. It’s a great valley, in whichContinue reading “Katabasis*”

Beauty in Being

Beautiful is not the build of your body It is not the colour of your character It is not the marvel of your morals Beautiful is none of that Beautiful are those who perceive themselves as beautiful for it is everything they are

Dear xxx

I keep you in my heart, friend. Even if white wings find you; flying, Below I will ground you, hold you, frame You in my heart’s chamber. THUMP! Feel That heartbeat? THUMP! It’s you, free To live on in me.


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