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A Haiku, “Therapy”

Love and laughter hereDespite the fear of Covid – this is therapy A haiku is a short poem originally from Japan. It consists of only three lines. The first and third line are only five syllables whereas the second is seven syllables. It’s simple structure lends itself well to anyone who wants to try theirContinue reading “A Haiku, “Therapy””

I am guilty

As I walk on the screaming Souls of my new shoes While digging in deep pockets,I find my head absent of grief. I am guiltyAs my jeans begin to wear away. I think not of the tear in their fingersAs they stitched the denim. I am guilty My shoes break in,But their families are brokenContinue reading “I am guilty”

The Hangover

Foul desire interrupts my lovely slumberAt an unorthodox hour. My liver Regrets the affair with the liquorWho cuddles coldly beside me. “Oh God, how’d that stranger get here!” With a shoving of sheets, she leaves the wayI showed her in. At the door, I shiver and stumble.“See you soon.” She says. With a thud andContinue reading “The Hangover”

Another Covid Death

He came againThe reaper that isHow long has it beenFive months sinceWe dressed in blackTo bury a coffinThese days death is proudI watch him all the timeClearing the streetsSmirking at the cries ofThose that did not manage to hideFrom his breathHe is not a big manThe reaper that isQuite the opposite reallyHe is love’s kissContinue reading “Another Covid Death”

Love and Life

Life is short,And love is shorter,Yet memories live forever, Says the bastard.They plague souls at night,As the minds eye replaysThe bittersweet memory Of a rumble in the sheets, The song of the day That was the promise of forever, All made meaninglessIn a passing of breath,A passing of bodies, And a gasping wind, Heard, inContinue reading “Love and Life”

The Mainzer Landstraße

Devours *Ruhe like eagles Prometheus. She screams as traffic enters and existsHer organs now entrails, tossed into pieces.Most people are deaf to the daily sloshing of her flesh.They honk and shout, throwing bottles about, As if Ruhe was never here. Especially on rainy days, I am uneasySeeing her tears wiped by windshieldsInto flooded gutters andContinue reading “The Mainzer Landstraße”

The Ring Parable

By Gottfried Ephraim Lessing (1779) A long time ago, there lived a man from the East who owned a ring of unimaginable value. The stone was an opal that refracted hundreds of beautiful colours and had a secret power to make the bearer adored by God and mankind. It is no wonder then that theContinue reading “The Ring Parable”

Final Departure

Dedicated to nana in memory of her late brother Patrick Had I not gone home, I wouldn’t have seen you, But that I’ve left home, I won’t ever see you. That summer was your last, This winter took your breath, And where you’ve gone, I cannot visit, lest I, too, lose my breath. It’s crazyContinue reading “Final Departure”


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