Lust or Love

Image by Deflyne Coppens from Pixabay

To lust or love?

The mistress or the princess?

The desire or desired?

It’s your choice!

To whose voice

Do you abide?

From which lady do you hide?

She, to whom you are bound,

Or she, who breaks your bond.


Oh, the forbidden delight!

That sweet fright!

The chance that she might

Uncover your other lover

Heightens the sensation.



It goes the other way.

Your first love;

Her stature be faithful and true,

At home she awaits you.

She’s always been there for you.


You remember the first date?

You took her to the garden.

The lilacs were in bloom.

Her joy was your delight,

A delight without the fright.

Serene like a deer

Loafing in the fields,

It was pure love.


Remember that warm sensation

When she first held your hand?

The sweaty grip

Of your anxiety and perspiration.

But her hands were just as wet

Because she perspired too!

And in that moment,

Your words escaped your mouth,

And before you knew it,

You told her you loved her.

And she to your surprise


Shied away,

Like a deer being approached,

But there was no reproach.

To your right she said,

And as you turned your head

She snuck a kiss onto your cheek.

You were both red,


To look each other in the face.


Your love was a fire

Burning bright on your cheeks

Each time you would meet.

Winter was your favourite season,

For the Cold caught you cuddling,

And cursed you to marrying

Since you were almost inseparable

Loving only each other.


Then the years went on,

And you began to lament:

Infatuation turned to irritation

As the cheeks dimmed in colour

No longer reflecting burning embers.

The winters became colder

Since you started to work longer

And further apart.

Daring to question the covenant,

You sought warmth,

So some cute waitress became the hot mistress

From your favourite food joint.

As to how and why?

She reminded you of a younger someone,

A reminder of an old passionate fire.

The mistress glance

Against the princess glare.

The mistress youth

Against the princess with years.

The mistress mysterious

Against the princess obvious.


Your heart a pendulum

Swinging both ways.

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