The Nostalgic Seashore

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Voiced by Samuel Rubadiri
 I miss the ocean of your smile,
 the heaven in your eyes,
 the light of your laughter,
 as the tide comes in.
 I miss the dawn of your body,
 the sea on your skin,
 the colour of your coral,
 as the tide comes in.
 The memories of our love
 rise up like dolphin arches,
 suspend like seagulls wings,
 and torment this mind of mine.
 For when the tide comes in,
 broken seashells wash up,
 pale coral gathers,
 wet feathers spiral.
 My sole bleeds along the
 milky foam of the shore.
 And the shore surely sucks
 the tainted trail into itself,
 its endless self. And I
 I cannot help but smile. 

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