Image by Laura B from Pixabay
Voiced by Samuel Rubadiri
 “The mind is its own place, and in itself
 can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven” 
 - John Milton -
 Descent. It means being down on your luck,
 Down in your hell, deep sea-diving into your doubts.
 It’s daunting – a new kind of despondent.
 It’s a great valley, in which you are downcast.
 But you are no bottom dweller.
 You must remember that – descent –
 Can be an ascension even if
 The pressure rises the deeper you go.
 You must remember that
 There can be a heaven in a hell,
 The seafloor is a disco coral reef after all.
 Best you remind yourself these things. 

*Katabasis is a Greek word to describe some type of descent. In literary studies, it can be understood as a downward journey into the underworld.

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