Intro: Dream Chaser

Photo by Lisa Therese on Unsplash
By Samuel Rubadiri
We were born into this world unequal,
And although some might have more,
We all have dreams.

Dreams allow us to overcome,
These inequalities,
So we should always remain faithful to them.

But this isn't easy
Easy is giving up

(instrumental break)

Giving up your dreams unto the night,
Sleeping on your promise like it is a lullaby.
Bye-Bye Birdie, you gotta fly or deny your dreams.

Life is like gravity,
it grounds you and holds you with

But history waits for no man
Only the bold with the plan.

So this is your time,
This is your moment,
History is waiting, pages are blank,
Go make your mark and overwrite history,
Make a legacy Dreamer!

The backtrack is from the “Intro” to J Cole’s mixtape The Warm Up. I was inspired by his spoken word piece and decided to experiment with the same track, doing my own spin-off of the original. You can find the live recording here.

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