Beyond Black

Voiced by Samuel Rubadiri
“The world is not white. It never was white. It cannot be white. White is a metaphor for power.” – James Baldwin
 We were made to be black. 
 We were made to be 
 Black nigger kaffirs.
 We were born into these names
 From colonial slavers.
 Bondage was imprinted
 On our tongue as their
 Guns and whips started to
 Lynch our lips and embroid our skin,
 Our brown skin
 With blackness. They inked
 Our eyes with lies of what black
 Meant – plague to God’s light - 
 A reason to save the dark continent
 By whitewashing its history
 To a colonial beginning. So
 Brown became black.
 Facts etched out;
 Truth blotted out
 Of who made their world rich
 By building it. It was us,
 Our labour, and our wish
 Was only equality. We 
 Redressed the disgust
 You labeled as black
 Making it popular, 
 Profitable and enjoyable.
 Yet you are not satisfied. 
 Black will never be white
 Of this race war, this binary,
 This eurocentrism.
 ENOUGH of dialectics.
 Why should we deconstruct 
 Your backlog of scholarship
 To voice our discrimination
 Dis crime in dis nation?
 We are not victims.
 We are not a minority.
 We are history, and
 That history is our present, 
 that we are still African before
 American, protesting our skin 
 with a clenched fist to say:
 “We are beyond black.” 

*Brief remark: This poem was written as a form of solidarity to the BLM demonstrations that took place worldwide in 2020.

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