The Eurafrican

Voiced by Samuel Rubadiri
 She sounds like Africa
 From the beating of her beads along her braids
 To the rattle of hoops and bangles worn 
 And intonation of words as they flutter as a dole of doves.
 But she was raised in Europe
 With the nuance of talk and distance she keeps; 
 Sun rejected by her umbrella, she loves winter
 And how it colours her skin as fire its coals. 
 She fears her kind
 Who stint in ancient practice, live by difficult means, 
 Enjoy the fruits of their labour with the poison it bears
 'Rumours of our anarchy'. So she fixes her purse to the stars.
 She’d only sojourn the African homestead
 When five stars shine over her mother’s house,
 Where her purse can purge and censor the sight of squalor
 With the safety net of silk-threaded hairs around. 
 This is the Eurafrican dilemma:
 Culture continues whilst the ties tear.  

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