The Mainzer Landstraße

Devours *Ruhe like eagles Prometheus. 
She screams as traffic enters and exists
Her organs now entrails, tossed into pieces.

Most people are deaf to the daily sloshing of her flesh.
They honk and shout, throwing bottles about,
As if Ruhe was never here.

Especially on rainy days, I am uneasy
Seeing her tears wiped by windshields
Into flooded gutters and dirtied by tires.

Maybe I should’ve eloped with Ruhe,
When I was at my homestead in *Mokolodi
She would’ve preferred to dance with monkeys,

Then remain here, Greek fodder.

*Ruhe is the German word for quiet, calmness or serenity

*Mokolodi is a nature reserve and village just outside of Gaborone.

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